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Here at Birchwood, we take pride in our first-rate boarding kennels. We care about dogs and hope to reflect this in our facilities. Here are a few more details about our accommodation.

Each kennel is supplied with cosy vet bed blankets. We have a plentiful supply of bedding and toys, please note we do not require you to bring your pets bedding from home. We have specialized bedding for each kennel, but you have the choice to leave their favorite toy and blanket with them during their stay if you so wish.

Our boarding kennels are cleaned out daily, with a fresh set of blankets provided. Fresh water is supplied every morning and topped up throughout the day.

The dogs also have access to their own outside covered exercise run and large grass area; perfect for getting some additional exercise and making friends!

Dog bathing and Nail Clipping

Dog Boarding Kennels

While your dog stays with us here at Birchwood Lodge, we offer dog bathing and general brushing.

Find out more about our pet care services and receive a quote when you leave your dog with us.